Hangzhou Lika rigging hardware factory is located in the beautiful scenery of the West Lake, adjacent to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo, Jinhua Quzhou expressway, the traffic is very convenient, is committed to the research and development of various rope equipment, heavy appliances and fire products, manufacturing and sales of specialized enterprises. After more than and 10 years of development, the enterprise has a considerable scale, currently covers an area of more than and 30 acres, has passed 9001:2000 ISO quality management system certification, in 2009 as the Zhejiang provincial science and technology enterprises.

Since its inception, the spirit of "the pursuit of refined, perfect, people-oriented" business management philosophy, the success of many enterprises at home and abroad to provide quality products and superior service. The rigging achieved CE, GS certification, tower escape apparatus named tower escape apparatus, scientific and technological achievements, the national fire rescue device has achieved the national fire safety belt certification, certification, certification and other industrial production permit. Products are widely used in: factories, docks, airports, warehouses and other cargo lifting and transportation, home fire, aerial work and other fields. Enterprises now have a high-quality workforce, set development, design, manufacturing, sales in one.

initial stage

In 1995, at the age of twenty-nine, Qi Ruming created the Lika rigging hardware factory in Hangzhou, with twenty thousand yuan investment to the blank market a brave challenge.

The first year in the factory to create the Lijia, rigging is a production of double hook family factory.

In 1998, the factory and the German rigging company for technical cooperation, all of the production process in Germany, the successful production of a batch of qualified synthetic fibre sling, rigging Lijia since then, focused on the field of rigging, for the later development of domestic rigging industry wrote the first pen.


In more than and 20 years, adhering to the "safe lifting Lijia" concept, in the use of materials, color, cutting, sewing continuously carefully, to provide quality and reliable for every customer, beautiful appearance of the product.

Now the Lijia, with 30000 square meters workshop (including product testing center and R & D center), more than 300 employees, the team continues to grow.

Lijia advocated "safe lifting" concept, directly touch the staff on product quality and build quality of the pursuit of faith, in every corner of the world, to ensure that customers can use to Lijia ultra high quality Lijia rigging.

Lijia rigging Co. Ltd in the process of daily operation in the full implementation of ISO9001:2000 quality management system and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system. Systematic, standardized and standardized operation of the production, to ensure long-term stability to provide high-quality products. Products also have a number of domestic and international safety certification: QS, LA, CE, GS, etc.. Can meet the requirements of the vast majority of customers for security requirements. Products are widely used in: factories, docks, airports, warehouses and other cargo lifting and transportation areas.


All along, we have paid attention to the company's business and sustainable development, this is because we "believe": Standard doctrine, perfectionism, precise doctrine, lawful doctrine, doctrine, pragmatism and attention to credit "core culture. In the process of production to influence people's uncertainty as much as possible to minimize the production of each product are decomposed into simple, can control one step, which can ensure the products quality control, to provide customers with satisfactory products, this is the eternal force Claire determination. We are also aware of the importance of rigging products demand for lifting tool unit, is not only convenient production, because it is safe. We believe that every day of progress and perfection, will create a more secure working conditions for you, bring better hope.